Mané: “As I said, I'm happy in Liverpool.

“But you never know what will happen in the future. I want to win trophies, especially the Champions League.” 🔴🔴🔴

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  • andy_bates15
    @_cameron_.13 oh yeh, I completely agree that he doesn’t seem to have as much confidence, but it seems like he’s beginning to get it back - 4 months ago
  • _cameron_.13
    @andy_bates15 I think he’s just lost the confidence to run at players but tbf aspects like shooting have improved it’s just his overall game I’m talking about - 4 months ago
  • andy_bates15
    @_cameron_.13 even though he’s done better? - 4 months ago
  • _cameron_.13
    @andy_bates15 _ I’m just saying he is not as good as he has been in previous seasons - 4 months ago
  • _cameron_.13
    @_leo.swan_ I’m just saying he is not as good as he has been in previous seasons - 4 months ago
  • memeswitavalaughdtc
    Don't believe eveything u read in the press boys n girls!!! - 4 months ago
  • basha1982
    @kuyte_nemeziz01 😂😂😂 - 4 months ago
  • _wan0111
    He is far more skillful than mane - 4 months ago
  • _wan0111
    Go get mbappe - 4 months ago
  • hilal__khan007
    Wtf he got greedy in liverpool he won shit at southampton and now dreaming about champions league lol - 4 months ago
  • rubenjr_martinez
    Mo Salah is Real Madrid next Target - 4 months ago
  • kyleflynn06
    @yogabbaboye I get ya - 4 months ago
  • adrizzle17
    Great... here we go... - 4 months ago
  • ed42_
    this is true we need to start winning trophies or players are going to get tired of losing not everyone is gerrard we're lucky he was so loyal to liverpool because we could never even give him a prem championship - 4 months ago
  • _george.gardner
    @tesf961 When We Didn't have salah van dijk but i still would rather him stay - 4 months ago
  • tesf961
    @_george.gardner I won't be happy if Liverpool sell the player who scored goals in every quarter,semifinal&final I still remember how Liverpool suffered when he went to Africa cup last season - 4 months ago
  • _george.gardner
    @tesf961 what i mean is if you sell him you could get oblak for his price and sure up the defence and then get leon baily - 4 months ago
  • tesf961
    @_george.gardner what do you mean - 4 months ago
  • firmino_chambosupporter
    No mane I can win the champions league with us u don’t have to leave - 4 months ago
  • zanderdavis7
    This is twisted - 4 months ago
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