🏰Dressrosa Arc Feats Pt. 11🏰
➖Post-TS: High Island-Low Planet
➖Post-TS: Low Planet
➖Post-TS: High Island
➖Pre-TS: High Mid
➖Post-TS: Low Island
🔷️Doflamingo has "Overheat," which is when he compresses his strings so much to the point they give a burning effect, dealing more damage than ever.
🔷️Law creates one Room to teleport him and the log. Then Law creates another Room that is fairly large. It completely dwarfs the ship and everyone. Now this next scene may be hard to understand, but Law switched the place between him and Doffy, setting Doffy all the way at the other end of the Room. Again, another instance where Doffy showed to be unable to react to Law's Room.
🔷️Doffy's strings extended all the way to the next island nearby (the iron bridge connects them) and Doffy slices a Dressrosa building in half with ease.
🔷️Fujitora lifts up an entire battleship and allows it to fly in the air by controlling its gravity. This time, Fujitora also sends 3 more meteors down from space in seconds.
🔷️Law uses Room again, this time using "Tact" to telekinetically move the meteor away and into the battleship with one finger, showing how easy it is for him to move things.
🔷️Law explains Doffy's String String Fruit while using his sword to block Doffy's Overheat, which previously slashed through an entire building.
🔷️Law uses his Room once more to switch the places of Jora and a piece of rock, showing that the size of the things that are switched don't matter. Law then uses Room again to create one large enough to dwarf Doffy and Law.
🔷️Sanji shows to be able to fly in the air for far distances, as he caught up to the Thousand Sunny from the island to the sea between Green Bit and Dressrosa.
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