one of the biggest things with self love is that it's so much easier said than done. and some days you won't feel the same as way as you did the day before. you need to just ALWAYS think of all the positives in your life, no matter what or how small it is. if you've been training for months now and only see a fee small changes, still be proud of yourself!!!! one thing i learned is to only compare your current self to your past self, nobody else. everybody is in a different lane than you. don't compare yourself to people you know or see. they could of been training for years now and u could of just started. also,,, everybody's body is different!!! and reacts different to certain things. something could work SO GOOD for 1 person and not that well for you, find what works best for YOU and don't focus on what works good for someone else. i know for me, i can't eat whatever i want, whenever i want. i have a very slow metabolism so my food takes longer to digest. i get full super fast though which is good for me. someone else can eat literally anything they want and not gain any weight, so don't compare yourself to them!! learn more about YOUR body and love your body for the way it is. if you're not happy with something about yourself then change it!!! the only one stopping you to do so is surprisingly yourself. don't hold yourself back, push yourself to your absolute limits. push to be and do better in every aspect of your life. do things that make you happy!! and don't worry about anyone else but yourself!

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