Feeling so grateful for this journey. So many people view dieting, and even working out, as a punishment. Both are such a privilege. To fuel your body, to challenge your body, to chase health, to make it stronger—all are privileges. Even dieting. There are those that starve not by choice. To have the ability to make the choice and decide what goes into your body, to choose self control, to push your limits—pure privilege. There are those who don’t have the ability, and there are those who don’t have what it takes. For that, for standing here this deep in a serious fight of will power... I’m GRATEFUL. 🙏🏽
Also grateful for the inspiring, motivating, and strong people that have come into my life along the way. My fit sis @esteereneeallday being one. Always there with a word of support and encouragement—can’t thank you enough girl for simply caring. You’ve been such a light along the way for me. 🙌🏽 Can’t wait to watch you kill the stage in two weeks and take that hardware! 😘

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  • chrischirofit
    @miss_paigemac aww appreciate you girl! 😘😘 - 5 months ago
  • chrischirofit
    @esteereneeallday as you said to me—it takes one to know one!! 🥇 and I’ve got you always! Game time.. let’s do this!! 💪🏽🤗❤️ - 5 months ago
  • miss_paigemac
    You are awesome!! - 5 months ago
  • esteereneeallday
    Omg you are making me tear up in my egg whites!! I knew the day we met you were a champ. Like for real. You have been a driving force in all my late night sessions. Seeing you work as hard so late kept me pushing. I got your back always! Lets do this figure thing sis!! 💜💞💪💜💕💪💜😘 - 5 months ago