Oh lord i have no rear end 😱. After seeing this cluster #%^% rear end build i accept the fact @kurganmotorsportsllc techs will hate me forever

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  • chris_kabage
    @trmn8r03 damn dude sorry to hear that. Your cars dope though - 2 months ago
  • trmn8r03
    @chris_kabage ah yall aligned mine a week ago before we discovered a cracked block and spun rod. Shortblock coming next year - 2 months ago
  • chris_kabage
    They specialize in mustangs and they’ve worked on a ton of irs cars so I wouldn’t feel too bad lol. We align all the cars they work on just like yours so I hope it drives nice😂 - 2 months ago
  • trmn8r03
    @cody03svt probably never honestly. - 3 months ago
  • cody03svt
    Dang I was hoping to see your car! - 3 months ago
  • trmn8r03
    @cody03svt unlikely. No accommodations made - 3 months ago
  • cody03svt
    Coming to mw? - 3 months ago
  • trmn8r03
    @shady_le55on much appreciated! - 5 months ago
  • trmn8r03
    @03svtcobro the only color option that matters 😋 - 5 months ago
  • shady_le55on
    Clean 👌 - 5 months ago
  • 03svtcobro
    That’s a lot of Oxford White! - 5 months ago