Psychology of ‘Balance/control’: It is about energies. Your body, your happiness, your expressions are tend to change according to the situation and emotions you’re going through. When you’re at your best, you’ll feel joy and over energized. When you’re at worst or low, you’ll feel down or less or no energized at all. The one who keeps this energy in the middle even when you’re at your best or when you’re at worst, they are ‘Achievers’, they are real ‘emotional’ people who knows how to behave at situations. And believe me, that’s the key to success, at least for me it works best. Try :)
~ Aftab

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  • c_sharnagat
    Wow amazing...Ur journey is very interesting....Belive hi nhi hota ki tum hmare classmate the kbhi school me.....Aftab..Tum syd isi k liye bane the...I hope tum apno field me aur aage jao aur hmari seoni ke nam puri duniya me roshn karo...God bless u...Hmesa aese hi success mile tumko life me...really remarkable work👍👍😘💐😊 - 1 month ago
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    😆😆😆 - 3 months ago
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    Amazing - 4 months ago
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    Hello sir am Sahil Mai Delhi se hoo mujhe na apke sath ek Baar bas please please please please please ek Baar ek photo Leni h bas please please please please please please please please please sir - 5 months ago
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    Sweet - 5 months ago
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    Great post! - 5 months ago
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    Nice pic - 5 months ago
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    @verified_blue_tick sale fraud mere paise de madr chod jhut bolta hai teri maa ki chut - 5 months ago
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    Wow - 5 months ago
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    @mdaftabk sanju dekhi 👀?? - 5 months ago
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    @mdaftabk caption b to itna saraa tha.. 😛pdhte pdhte 3 bar hogya😜 - 5 months ago
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    Ok ok ok.. @mdaftabk - 5 months ago
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    @mdaftabk bro u are not greeb...greeb wo hote jinie pass iman nahi hota he... - 5 months ago
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    Nice dear - 5 months ago
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    Hi - 5 months ago
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    Aaa ji خان صعب puri Tabaahiii😍😍😚😚😚 - 5 months ago
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    Sir 🙏 i am big fan of your work and you are my inspiration 🙌🏻🙌🏻 - 5 months ago
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