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  • priontyrahman786
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  • kausar.ansari717
    Queen - 10 days ago
  • storetwt
    nice - 13 days ago
  • somya.magic
    ...wishing and hoping! - 14 days ago
  • pankajsalve33
    Adab rani sahiba.... 👑 - 15 days ago
  • khushii_____20_17
    Lovely.......@sakpataudi 😊😍😍😍😘😘😘😘 - 15 days ago
  • azmishaba
    Prettiest princes - 15 days ago
  • noman_bin_safdar
    Pretty - 16 days ago
  • arham_zaviya
    Very good - 16 days ago
  • theanitabella
    😍 - 16 days ago
  • paramita_sarkar
    @madhuri.sam Are you ill or just plain stupid? Where have I compared myself with Soha or called myself looking remotely like her? One must have a seriously sad life to own multiple fake accounts to troll people. Get along with your sad lives, if you mention me one more time I'm going to report your accounts. - 16 days ago
  • aishwaryam8
    @paramita_sarkar if I am fetish I would have likes your nose also but I don't like such weirdo nose and no one like it. - 16 days ago
  • paramita_sarkar
    @aishwaryam8 okay weirdo. 👋 - 16 days ago
  • aishwaryam8
    @paramita_sarkar you say whatever we all love her beautiful nose it's the compliments from the fans. It's good thing and not bad thing when fans are appreciating the nose or eyes of their favourite heroin. But your kind of jealousy people come in between celebrities and fans - 16 days ago
  • sohasaif27
    So beautiful - 16 days ago
  • paramita_sarkar
    @aishwaryam8 You DO have a nose fetish, but no judgement, you do you. And Soha is beautiful all the same, even without being creepy about her nose. - 16 days ago
  • paramita_sarkar
    @aishwaryam8 🤣🙄😂 - 16 days ago
  • aishwaryam8
    @paramita_sarkar because I like and love her nose. Not only me everyone in the world will like and love her nose. But you have jealousy that you do not have that kind of beautiful nose and no one is appreciating your nose. Pray god to give you Beautiful nose like soha at least in the next life. - 16 days ago
  • kohli9781
    Love - 16 days ago
  • nikkymohan
    Jai Mahal? - 16 days ago
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