Hey Guys, So as you guys voted for a review for the most talked about LOADED FRIES from our fav burger place @burgerlabpk called THE ANIMAL FRIES. Hold on everyone lemme just say FIRST OF ALL I'm impressed by the name I mean Animal fries hell yeah I'mma eat these. So here we are giving an honest opinion. So i ordered these fries and it cost 380(+50delivery charges) So I'd like to give 9/10 for packaging. One box came with 2 forks. I was satisfied with the quantity because if you're not starving or something you can only eat half of it. Now lets talk about the actual FRIESSS. Well i loved the fact that fries were not soggy at all and had a li'l bit of crunch. The toppings include onions,chicken pieces, cheese and the lab sauce. I think there couldve been more cheese and chicken. Because duh itsy bitsy more of cheese aint gonna hurt no one. And more is less overall I'd rate these fries 8/10I’ll order these fries again and again because there ain’t no stopping me.
Ahmed on the other hand wasnt satisfied with the quantity because when he ordered the sauce wasnt distributed properly and and had very little chicken chunks. According to him 380 rs is alottt for these fries which he got. Overall he rated it 6/10.

But burger lab is an amazing place for their other meals as i love their Quadra burger and we'll definitely dine in their again 🌚♥️

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