On June 19th (two weeks ago,) Antwon Rose Jr./II was shot three times in the back by a East Pittsburgh police officer. Antwon was a passenger in a car pulled over for a traffic stop. He tried to run away. God knows why (we know why.) Doesn't matter. What does matter is that he was BLACK, he was UNARMED, and he was 17. This was the summer before his senior year.

The cop, was white, 30, and had been dismissed for cause from his previous post at the University of Pittsburgh. But the Blue Merry-Go-Round goes round and round. He was sworn in at an East Pittsbugh City Council meeting just a couple of hours before he killed Antwon.

Two years ago, Antwon wrote this poem, I AM NOT WHAT YOU THINK!, as part of an end of the year assignment for his sophomore honors English class.

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  • themeritorioussonnyd
    Here's a link to a video of the killing: https://youtu.be/CNhHeEtM-TA - 5 months ago