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    @kulwantkaur0917 Stay blessed - 1 day ago
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    - 1 day ago
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    Hai guys this is my page @change_for_a_better_society please do follow the page and support the page....Thank you @iamsonalibendre - 1 day ago
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    Get well soon mam - 8 days ago
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    Good ❤️ - 8 days ago
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    Awesome - 9 days ago
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    @thejoker351 yo... English is obviously not your first language... So how about you focus on yourself rather than posting nonsense... Just a thought 🙄 - 10 days ago
  • vaibhav_here1
    Wow Amazing Keep It Up!!💖❤ - 10 days ago
  • kulwantkaur0917
    @tanushree.rana .. Hnji mam doctor hunn to logo ko best advice e dungi jisse kisi ka nuksaan na ho bs khushiyaan e mile..😊😊😊😊.... - 10 days ago
  • swati.parekhh
    @iamsonalibendre hi dear. my mum is big fan of u n i myself being a doctor couldn't say no to her n thus posting this dhanvantri manta which my mom says will help u get rid of ur cancer. if u trust then pl recite it every morning ॐ नमो भगवते महासुदर्शनाय वासुदेवाय धन्वंतराये:
    अमृतकलश हस्ताय सर्व भयविनाशाय सर्व रोगनिवारणाय
    त्रिलोकपथाय त्रिलोकनाथाय श्री महाविष्णुस्वरूप
    श्री धनवंतरी स्वरूप श्री श्री श्री औषधचक्र नारायणाय नमः॥ - 10 days ago
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    ❤️❤️❤️ - 10 days ago
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    @kulwantkaur0917 So sweet. 🙏🏼 great advice. - 11 days ago
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    HELLO madam G Allaha ki duaa semaroo aap bhut jald Acche ho jayoge aap ko kuch nahin hoga God by - 12 days ago
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    👌 - 14 days ago
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    Being an epitome of beauty and brain you have to get well soon - 15 days ago
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    😍😍😍😍😍 - 15 days ago
  • mequantum
    I am writing here so my comment does not get lost in all those 18000 comments on your latest post. Please search for "5 Pounds of carrots a day to cure cancer" and you will find all the relative links with true stories of people getting cured. Its advised in WebMD too. I am not suggesting to stop the cancer treatment. I am just suggesting to have this as a part of your on going battle against the disease. Who knows this might be the brahmastra with which you can win. https://www.indiatimes.com/health/videos/this-woman-beat-stage4-cancer-by-drinking-1-litre-of-carrot-juice-every-day-244614.html ... https://www.chrisbeatcancer.com/ralph-cole-cured-cancer-with-carrot-juice/ .... - 15 days ago
  • s_a_i_99
    Get well soon mam....our prayers r with u - 15 days ago
  • mian.mohammad.usman_
    Illuminati symblism used - 15 days ago
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