apron by... hahaha just kidding!
So funny story... as you know I'm a legend in the kitchen. (By which I mean LEGENDARY disaster!) So this was super fun! Thank you for these , @funfoods_bydroetker ! @pricelessdutta is trying (so hard!) to get me on the health train and I honestly have been looking for low-cal options to make my boring healthy food, tasty too! This range of 10 dressings is definitely going to help. (I kid you not, I spent a lot of time licking my fingers during this shoot and it's pretty yum!) 😋 Did not taste like you would expect zero fat to. (Like air?) I'm waiting to try the zesty orange and smokey pineapple dressings and give my boring lunches a nice little boost! (Brownie points for me @priceless_dutta ?)
Also sharing this with my loves @urvashirautela , @gauaharkhan and @sakpataudi ! Sending some guilt-free goodness your way! Try em and tell me what you think! 🥗🥪
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