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  • xquisitenezz
    @nicoleameera for real - 5 months ago
  • xquisitenezz
    @androjohnny still racist boy - 5 months ago
  • alibobbles864
    @davidckoocie oh well if Latrice is happy then it’s okay lol I thought she was upset is all - 5 months ago
  • davidckoocie
    @davidckoocie so did latrice she said she didn't even think about it so i think it's all k except for @msjasminemasters lmao - 5 months ago
  • davidckoocie
    @alibobbles864 i loled 🙊 - 5 months ago
  • alibobbles864
    @davidckoocie oh my god that’s awful - 5 months ago
  • davidckoocie
    @alibobbles864 in a roast trixie said " do you like my dress? It's like a cotton.... Latrice picked it." - 5 months ago
  • alibobbles864
    Wait what happened? Can someone explain? - 5 months ago
  • androjohnny
    Was it funny? No. Is she racist? No. - 5 months ago
  • john_corella
    Did she apologize ? - 5 months ago
  • dickpuppy
    Says you trannygate lmao - 5 months ago
  • lordsavethischild
    i thought that was Annabelle - 6 months ago
  • starstuddedkid
    She should apologize. End of story but I will say there has been a lot worse things said by fans of drag race and no ones really speaking out about that BS drag race fans are the worse and now Trixie is gonna start more disgraceful comments from her fans but she should apologize and end this. No hate to her - 6 months ago
  • elsesbaby
    whew - 6 months ago
  • thecishet_tm
    i mean it was at a roast which is meant to jokingly offend someone, u know, like reading, so i think it isn’t that bad as her blatantly being racist, but it’s still pretty fucking bad. i’m not saying poc shouldn’t be offended or trixie shouldn’t have to apologise, but i do think context is very important in this situation. poc do have the right to feel offended and trixie should apologise due to the obvious backlash of others, but i also believe that taking it out of context is unreliable - 6 months ago
  • reignjerry
    @agu_ness thanks ☺️💕 - 6 months ago
  • briii__1001
    All the niggas that are saying “It’s just a joke why you mad” are ether apart of the lgbtq+ community, white or just a plan coon🤷🏾‍♀️. I’m not surprised that the lgbtq+ community is protecting their own.... - 6 months ago
  • jennika_ouid
    This is crazy - 6 months ago
  • andemity
    @miss_fame_90s shut the fuck up white trash - 6 months ago
  • kaylenisthicc
    If you are not Black, you can’t decide what’s offensive to black people and what isn’t. It’s that simple. - 6 months ago
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