Grant Opportunities are available through a variety of channels. However, most opportunities come from and have specific requirements. Enclosed in this post, we defined a grant proposal and list which business/program types that are available to apply!
Remember: Grants are to assist with a specified issue such as , , , , based programs, , programs, assessments, deficits, programming and development, etc.
Funders are interested in how your program/business can either or a life! If it’s a business, how would the contribute to economic development!
Grant funds do not cover the expenses for licensing or to fund an “idea”. To secure funding, you will need a strategic business plan, marketing analysis, impact assessment and financial projections for at least 3-5 years! There may be additional requirements depending on the funding agency!
When receiving funds, every cent be accounted for. A clear budget, allocating funds to every aspect of the program or business is a REQUIREMENT!

There are small grant options through private corporations that are less strenuous! Some of them include: •PayPal Business Growth Grant •FedEx Competition Grant •The Amber Grant •Martin Foundation Grant (Alexandria, LA ONLY)
Just to name a few! If you find a grant that you believe your business/organization could potentially qualify for, contact us for a grant assessment.

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