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  • i_am_abdurrehman
    @taimoorhameedi 🍌🍌🍌 - 6 days ago
  • apchamps9
    Hi I’m ur big fan and u are looking very hot in every of ur pictures u are sexy πŸ”₯ - 11 days ago
  • firdaus_ansari_08
    @zainabzafar08 I agreed with u that this is HER LIFE πŸ™„ but let me tell u who give this life to her.. ALLAH pak gave it to her nd all of us... Is this Allah's command to do really!!! I know we can't do anything about this but atleast we can accept it that she is wrong, but no coz this is HER LIFE, HER CHOICE!!! - 12 days ago
  • sundas_zia2
    @shaikh.muhammad.anas yeahπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ - 13 days ago
  • ibzo_king
    @aleeza_ab damn true people should move forward.. At least they dont need to be a judge for anyone - 17 days ago
  • manan3509
    Ap porn filmo main kaam karay - 18 days ago
  • barkatali.barkat.90
    Hi - 26 days ago
  • be_like_bro799
    @sawera29054 what - 1 month ago
  • be_like_bro799
    @aleeza_ab yeah - 1 month ago
  • navid_syed
    Nice pic - 1 month ago
  • aleeza_ab
    Y’all really think she’s gonna read all comments and actually care? - 1 month ago
  • shahbaz2122
    So nice - 1 month ago
  • sibgha.x_
    @zainabzafar08 i think her religion is not islam and yours too - 1 month ago
  • ranaavas9
    Nice looking - 1 month ago
  • chalihusnain
    @fami720 Bilkul - 1 month ago
  • zaid_ch3
    ye kn h?πŸ€” - 2 months ago
  • abdulsamad6260
    Koti ki bachi sexy Bna chati Hy kiya - 2 months ago
  • sammymemon9
    The whole mess was too intresting keep going like this both of you have your own reviews regarding this any you both have got solid proves hats off you both must be awarded with noble price :* :) Stay blessed - 2 months ago
  • ahmadkamran7
    @hinailyas2 mein To shoq se ajaonga baad mean apko taqleef na hu πŸ˜‚ - 2 months ago
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