Psychology of ‘Doing the best and expecting worst’:
One of the psyche I follow while living my life is to expect worst, not even ‘nothing’. When you’re expecting the worst of your efforts, then somehow you’re preparing yourself for the worst situation you can face. Eventually when you’re expecting ‘worst’, then you don’t get disappoint, that means you’re eliminating one negative emotion in your life called ‘disappointment’. Now whatever you get of your efforts is positive for you and you didn’t expect it to be that good. You feel good of results :)
So ‘life’ with best efforts and no disappointments becomes ‘beautiful’.
~ Aftab
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    @0_devilishlyangel_0 The words you’ve read has something very common and repetitive and you somehow missed, which says ‘Doing the best’, eventually doing the best will bring out something really good or some learnings. There is nothing in between. :)
    Anyway, It’s not about the psyche you follow, its about the outcomes, if particular psyche is working for you then go and kill with it. 😍 - 8 days ago
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    I don't think so.. If you're expecting bad things you're attracting them and you get worst results. But when you have a regular positive mindset and expect the best of everything you get everything you desire/wish or dream about. That's the psyche I am following. What say? 🤔 - 8 days ago
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