Alhamdulillah I was blessed to perform my first in 2012 and performed Ummrah for my great Grandmother in 2015 as I went along with my husband, my parents, family and my mother-in-law. On both occasions I yearned to visit Jannah e Baqi in where 10,000 sahabas, believers and the family of the Prophet Muhammad sal allahu alaihi wasallam reside. Unfortunately on both occasions the gates were locked so we only sat outside and looked into the peaceful grounds of burial which housed the best of people. The first time i visited this area I remember clearly having a cold and high temperature in the burning heat of Hijaz, which meant my nose was blocked..but Wallahi, when i sat outside Jannath e Baqi a sweet musk smell surrounded me, I was surprised with my sense of smell! It was real! I smelt the musk of this special graveyard. Even if I entered the graveyard, sadly I wouldn't be able to recognise which graves belong to which sahabas and Umm ul Mu'mineen because when the Saudi's took over governing the hijaz after the Ottoman Khilafah was abolished in 1924, the graveyard was changed; grave markers were destroyed erasing the names of the most special Muslims which was carefully preserved by the Ottomans (according to Author Kamran Pasha).
Heavy hearted, I spoke about the sahabas and Aisha RA to my babysis (in pic) and how amazing they were and that she is the example whom we should love and follow. I made my duas and carried on with my journey sad I couldn't personally visit each grave especially Aisha RA's grave. She is my mentor, my role model, my teacher and my mother. However, after my first Ummrah Allah SWT showed me her grave in my dream πŸ€— it was Fajr time in my dream and I stood opposite a grave shining bright as if a golden silk blanket covered it; a voice told me this was Aisha RA's grave. I did ziyarah in my dream and woke up with tears. I felt as if I was there, in Madinah, in that moment. Subhan allah. I share this with you as I read into her life, her zeal in carrying Islam to all those around her. May Allah SWT raise us with her 🌹

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