Have a favourite seat? Want some extra space?
No matter what position you prefer on the field, we'll keep it wide-open with our flexible seating options.

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  • vijay_bhagat_surat
    I fly Jet airways 9w60 Bangkok to Mumbai is not good Flyte Etihad connection on jetairways Flyte no music no mobile charger pin @etihadairways - 4 hours ago
  • wajdeehussain
    #Etihad1Million - 12 days ago
  • milad.fit7
    Cool - 26 days ago
  • theveryessentials
    @etihadairways all the way. My experience with you is always so ovely. I'm stuck with you all the way... - 26 days ago
  • etihadairways
    @inaputri_tina Istanbul is such a beautiful city and I'm sure you'll have a great time. Make sure you try the Turkish ice cream, it's a tasty treat and a show in one! *Emi - 27 days ago
  • inaputri_tina
    Thank you@etihadairways from Kuala Lumpur to Istanbul :) - 27 days ago
  • etihadairways
    @inaputri_tina W Hope you'll enjoy your first trip with us! Where are you flying off to? *Emi - 27 days ago
  • inaputri_tina
    Can't wait to feel the experience fly with you @etihadairways #firsttime - 27 days ago
  • karim_realmadrid
    @gideon_meph - 1 month ago
  • bhing_lumugdan
    @etihadairways thanks for the reply Yas but problem is Its not written WHAT is extra legroom seats and I need to know how to see them - 1 month ago
  • etihadairways
    @bhing_lumugdan Please log in to Manage my booking on etihad.com for the information about the seats and fees of extra leg room seats. *Yas - 1 month ago
  • bhing_lumugdan
    Hello, just want to ask, how to find out which seat is more legroom in eco? Thanks - 1 month ago
  • etihadairways
    @theonlysaad Thank you for your feedback, Saad. We will shall this with our concerned team. *Zozo - 1 month ago
  • theonlysaad
    @etihadairways but it’s really old and u can notice it and why the livery of the plane that used to Chicago route has the old logo not the new logo of etihad ? - 1 month ago
  • etihadairways
    @theonlysaad Hi there, the planes are chosen upon the demand and amount of passengers on the routes and other factors. *Marc - 1 month ago
  • theonlysaad
    @etihadairways I want to know why you always flow the old airplane to Chicago ? - 1 month ago
  • etihadairways
    @ssamii09 Hey there, the price is dependent on where you are travelling in the world. Feel free to send us your booking reference by DM, and we can confirm for you. Thanks. *Nic - 1 month ago
  • ssamii09
    How much does your airline charge for advanced seat selection in economy? This service was once free! Explain please! Thank you - 1 month ago
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