The best gifts are the practical ones!! Thank you so much @pampersindia for this parcel of pampers premium pants!! 💝 🎁

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  • asraahson
    @samyna_shaikh like we got 🤩 - 3 months ago
  • snehahahehehoho
    It's funny how these don't go to the ones who actually needs them or who will atleast use them. - 5 months ago
  • ellglam123
    @pmahe I was thinking the same thing! - 5 months ago
  • the_lady_313
    #save_the_iraqi_people - 5 months ago
  • ripank0517
    Really it is - 5 months ago
  • shivalees
    @pmahe completely agree to you on this!! - 5 months ago
  • simmi_4619_
    😘😘😘 - 5 months ago
  • bobzybhogal
    Big companies like this need to donate freebies to the less fortunate people in this world, not the rich. That would be a real good deed #pampers no offence to anyone just would like the world to be a better place - 5 months ago
  • shlah_77
    😍😍 - 5 months ago
  • best_astrologer_in_india_
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  • gazelle1322
    @sakpataudi try pampers swaddle though cloth diapers are too good for babies 👶 - 5 months ago
  • ally_zuraida
    @pmahe my thoughts exactly - 5 months ago
  • trishmavasudev
    @pampersindia please distribute to the needy ones. - 5 months ago
  • risharma0109
    Indian sanitation and recycling system is too poor and they only add more to their polluted environment - 5 months ago
  • risharma0109
    Is there anything from US not reaching to indian market now pampers too ?? - 5 months ago
  • shailee22
    How about use local cotton cloth diapers and avoid throwing them in landfills ... - 5 months ago
  • roshnishrivastavagurav
    Do you know how much non biodegradable waste you're creating!! And they talk about plastic ban and what not!! - 5 months ago
  • poojabgsaanvi
    @pmahe agree with u totally...wish common people get these gifts once a while ...are u listening pamper ...pamper the commoner's - 5 months ago
  • pmahe
    @pampersarabia give them to needy ones...not the ones who can easily afford it. No offence to @sakpataudi you can donate to needy ones - 5 months ago
  • udaybhatia23
    Wow @sakpataudi - 5 months ago
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