Fully loaded vegan sloppy joe-😍⭐️🌱that’s what’s for dinner. .
How this dietitian makes a meal:
Start with intended ingredients
⭐️v8 juice ⭐️red bell pepper
⭐️yellow bell pepper ⭐️textured vegetable protein
⭐️chickpeas ⭐️would’ve been a jalapeño if I wouldn’t have forgot it! -I added a little flour to thicken the sauce since it is in fact juice. When this didn’t work it got a new ingredient-
⭐️yes quinoa! Soaked up the excess like a charm and was delish!!!! I decided to throw on these radish sprouts as well cuz they’re beautiful and amazing!!
I crock potted this thing about 4 hours. .
Fun fact: I literally haven’t owned a salt shaker in about 5 years. I use v8 because it has more flavor and less sodium than other commercial sauces. Not to mention cheaper Give it a try!! .

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