Whether you’re jetting off to a holiday or taking a break in the city, our silk tunics will keep you looking stylish this summer! Launching at Galleria-Lahore, Maison Elan-Karachi and online on www.elan.pk on 16th July 2018.
Price of 'Kashmir Royalty': Rs. 12,950/-

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  • elanofficial
    @maham_96 It’s available on our website www.elan.pk. We deliver worldwide (and nationwide for free)! - 6 days ago
  • maham_96
    How do I buy this? - 7 days ago
  • elanofficial
    @nayar_s_mirza Yes, feel free to shop online at our website www.elan.pk. We deliver worldwide! - 9 days ago
  • nayar_s_mirza
    Does elan take uk orders? - 10 days ago