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  • chizelsss
    @suriname.ballv2 Sharia law is not universal. You cannot call them dicks, thats highly disrespectful. What they did was right. Modern Sharia is a lot different and depends on the scholars that are in charge. Thats why Saudi and Irani Sharia is crap - 4 months ago
  • suriname.ballv2
    @propagandni_profil_srbije not in Saudi-Arabia and other nations who don't want women to become smart i personally think that women should have the rights that Allah gave em - 5 months ago
  • 000brale000
    So no free will for muslim womens? - 5 months ago
  • suriname.ballv2
    @dutchkingdomball yes it is because Allah gave women all the rights BUT when our prophet Muhhamad died the men became dicks they wrote the Sharia and for some reason the muslim nations want to have that instead of Quran so it is trus - 5 months ago
  • mr._maps_
    @dutchkingdomball it is, I’m not a Muslim but it is a religion of peace and freedom, but with sharia law it is unfair - 5 months ago
  • kim.jong.ooff
    But thats not true - 5 months ago