HADD - Deep Jandu (Official Video) Amrit Maan | Navpreet Banga Full Video Out!!

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    @nz_sukh he looks like you bit - 4 days ago
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    sukar aa kise singer ne ta wadiya step chakeya. - 5 days ago
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    Aapa sikh log ehda bahadur kaum cho but ehna loka ne apna ghar bharn lyi chitta gana nhi pinda waleya nu tai kithe pta lgna c chitta bare ehna ne ganeya rahi ghar ghar . Asl ch mai sochda chitta pehla ehna loka ne vadeya aw loka de ghra ch . Punjabi lok tai unj bhole te bht jldi yakeen krn wale hunde ohna bhoke loka ne socheya jdo eh singer ehoja kuch gaunde ne bht vdea cheej honi bla bla . Rabb ji hi mehar krn - 5 days ago
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    Ik gl ae vase pehla ehoje singer apna ghar bharan lyi bdmaashi touch gaane dinde te hun smjhaun aage v ehoja kuch changa nhi lgda . Sb stunt aw hun ehda krke 1000 millions views lai lvo - 5 days ago
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    Fkkkkk so ejlh students te taunt c ? Nice! Bs hun tusi reh ge c kehn knnio tusi v lag jo wow! - 5 days ago
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    Historic pic @top_singer_and_model_ - 6 days ago