I think about the things that used to scare me, and the things I swore I would never do. A few years ago I made a big change. I didn't want my fitness goals to end with the weights, I wanted to pursue something entirely out of my comfort zone. So I began running. I pushed myself to do distance races and fell in love. Most people would take a look at me and tell me I have the body of a sprinter. This was my biggest fuel to keep pursuing longer distances. I don't need to quit lifting to be a distance runner, I don't need to have the body type of a distance runner. I'm in pursuit of one thing in life: PUSHING MY OWN LIMITS. A few years ago I challenged myself and attempted the things I said I'd never try. And here I am, a couple months away from a marathon.

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    Proud of you honey. Keep chasing your dreams! Love ❤️ u - 7 days ago
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    @jordanvanwinkle roses are red violets are blue. Treadmills suck and running does too. -love EP - 8 days ago
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