I was wondering, how the red velvet (recipe by @cafedelites ) would work with different creams and fillings... so I made a bunch of different options. Frankly, I can't decide what tasted the best - I can only tell you, that all the versions disappeared from the table quicker then expected. 😁 And that is what really makes me happy...😊Get inspired for your baking by the below.


250 g mascarpone

200 g Philadelphia cream cheese

1 tbsp of icing (powder) sugar

juice of 1 lime -Beat all ingredients well together until combined and fluffy. As easy as that!

________________ *VANILLA HEAVEN*

250 g mascarpone

200 ml cream 33%

1/2 of vanilla bean - scraped seeds

2 sheets of gelatine

1 tbsp of icing (powder) sugar -Whip the cream in one bowl until thick, in another bowl combine the cheese, sugar, and vanilla. -Gently combine the two creams. -Let the gelatine soak for 5 minutes in a bowl with cold water, then move to a pot along with 1 tbsp of water and slowly heat up until dissolved. Do not cook! -When cooled down, add a spoon of the cream mix in the gelatine and combine well, then add a second spoon and mix it in again, and a third spoon, too. -Now you can add this concentrated gelatine-cream to the main volume. Mix gently, but well. Refrigerate before use.

________________ *RASPBERRY FEVER*

250 g mascarpone

3 tsp raspberry jam (homemade if you have)

1 tsp icing (powder) sugar

100 g raspberries -Split the cheese in two parts -Add the jam in one part (pink cream), the sugar into the second (white cream). Beat well. -Alternate the two creams when spooning the cream on the cake. You can spread more jam under the cream layers. -Use the fresh raspberries for decoration.

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