I turned 18 again. Donโ€™t believe me? Check the cake! Cakes are like POTUS, they only speak the truth. .
Back when I lived in Vancouver I used to throw these birthday BBQ pool parties at my parentsโ€™ house with all my friends. Now in my 3rd year here in Beijing, the tradition continues (minus the swimming pool). Last night Ivy and I hosted our first party at our place, only after a cool one year after moving in ๐Ÿ˜‚. Having all my friends together at our sizeable place with yard and patio was an absolute awesome time. I love bringing good people together and I am very proud to say my friends are good freaking people. Thank you to all my friends for making my bday amazing and memorable, and for all the gifts and good times.
Most of all though, thank you my love @ivyleung_ for organizing EVERYTHING for me. You truly made this day special beyond words because your actions speak so much louder. Your love touches me to my soul and I often times wonder what have I done to deserve you. Thank you thank you thank you. ๐Ÿ˜˜โค๏ธ

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  • x_dw_
    โค๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ - 11 months ago
  • missmilaso_
    Happy belated Birthday Kent!!! - 12 months ago
  • kentsleung
    THANK YOU EVERYBODY FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES!!! โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ - 12 months ago
  • kentsleung
    THANK YOU EVERYBODY FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES!!!! โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ - 12 months ago
  • insha_tahirch
    Happy happy happy belated birthday๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ - 12 months ago
  • nabilah922
    Happy birthday - 12 months ago
  • kylehou
    Happy birthday man! - 12 months ago
  • hannah.sohail
    Happy birthday handsome ๐Ÿ˜ - 12 months ago
  • kartika_hypnosis
    This is beautiful!! - 12 months ago
  • sairasweet75
    Happy birthday dear - 12 months ago
  • kkepper
    Happy Birthday!!!!๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐ŸŽ - 12 months ago
  • ccclaudeee
    Please say hi to ivy for me ๐Ÿ˜Š hope to c u guys soon when u come back to visit - 12 months ago
  • ccclaudeee
    Happy birthday !! Love you lots uncle Kent - 12 months ago
  • grraceyface
    Happy Birthday Kent! - 12 months ago
  • mamaryary
    Awwww I remember your birthday BBQs! Happy birthday from Van ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰ - 12 months ago
  • farah_bhojani
    Happy Birthday Kent!โค - 12 months ago
  • zahash22
    Serious note tho happy birthday ! Hope you get to experience many more happy ones like these and stay 18 at least at heart ๐Ÿ˜Š cts is finally on Netflix just waiting to find time so I can watch it at last - 12 months ago
  • zahash22
    They messed up the order of the candles it should be 81 ๐Ÿคฃ - 12 months ago
  • bipundhakal
    Happiest birthday dear @kentsleung โค - 12 months ago
  • derek_warhol_1996
    Happy birthday to you~~~ - 12 months ago
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