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  • zeexm_
    @as.iyaa Lol - 5 months ago
  • aamirmahum
    When you love your husband for the sake of Allah you are able to accept all Of His laws but when u love someone more then or equal to Allah it will definitely kill you one day, I am not promoting second marriage but I want our media to educate our new generation wisely - 5 months ago
  • aamirmahum
    I am also a wife of someone & It makes my soul bleed even if I think of some other woman in between us, but our Islam gave this permission to a man to have more then one wife. - 5 months ago
  • aamirmahum
    Second marriage is not a sin, but a man should give equal rights to both of wives - 5 months ago
  • fizzaastic
    Here we go again. Another drama with crying first wife and cruel second wife😒😒 - 5 months ago