Redid the dupont connectors on the two remaining speakers. For some reason, 3 out of 4 failed on the first try. All check out good with continuity now.

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  • networkingsofia
    👍. - 8 months ago
  • eidylon
    @lux_capacitor Thank you - 8 months ago
  • lux_capacitor
    You take some great shots! - 8 months ago
  • eidylon
    @pithyscott Yup... duplex plastics are already on. Just didn't want to put them on until I'd verified all the cables were working. Especially after 75% failure on the first go! lol - 8 months ago
  • pithyscott
    Are you going to put the plastic parts on? That’s what I have a hard time doing on DuPont connectors. Especially the female ones. - 8 months ago