That damned - @rafred1 you are not forgiven! (5-4 Split next year?!) @rafredarrows

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  • robyn_pf
    @gary_revell Iā€™m wishing I still had my lovely 12-24mm šŸ˜‚ - 3 months ago
  • gary_revell
    Think I'll just invest in an 8mm.lens, just to be sure #overkill - 3 months ago
  • robyn_pf
    @hussle007 Eastbourne may not be such a bad shout actually...that bit further out so may get it. Iā€™m doing 1 day At Bournemouth too so... - 3 months ago
  • hussle007
    I tried from the side with video and still didn't get it. Guess there's always Eastbourne šŸ™„ - 3 months ago