Not a wild edible, but still a delicious edible most can identify, FUSCHIAS.
It may come as a surprise, but YES these highly cultivated garden Fuschias are edible.
In fact ALL berries of fuchsias can be eaten, as can their flowers, the inner petals are soft and sweet (just because the flowers are edible doesn’t always mean they all taste good, some can be very bitter). The berries in late summer are the most delicious, the blacker the berry, the sweeter the taste. I think the flavour tastes crossed between a grape & pomegranate, sometimes lemony, and sometimes a bitter/sweet. Eat them straight off the bush, & Perfect for jams.
Berries may be helpful in the prevention of chronic diseases, and heart disease. (You can see in the second photo, the berry starting to form behind the flower head).

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