I believe in the power of understanding each other, so here’s a piece of my truth ❤️

I grew up in an impoverished household surrounded by toxic stress. Toxic stress is a phrase used by the educated to refer to the kinds of experiences in childhood that can affect brain architecture and brain chemistry. They’re typically experiences that are bad for an individual during development.

I personally, from the age of 5, used school as a distraction, which is essentially how I ended up in a place like Yale. However, I didn’t truly address any of my own toxic stress until age 21, when my dad died and I was forced to ask for help.

My goal is to offer support to kids growing up like I grew up. Chronic stress affects us in big ways. Research tells us that it not only changes the brain, but also our microbiome and how our bodies respond to stress altogether.

I consider it critical to offer support when people need it most so that their situation does not have to be all that defines them.

People often ask me where I think I’m going to practice and if it bothers me that I’ll only be able to work with the wealthy white classes of this country since I’m interested in nutrition and preventative medicine. I plan to make this kind of health accessible for those who need it most. Whole food, counseling, movement, emotional release...EVERYBODY deserves these tools in order to understand their bodies.

Kids deserve buffers from the cruelties of the world. Single parents deserve support. All parents deserve support.

The fact that fast food businesses are the most prevalent in low income communities and communities of people of color is environmental racism. The fact that wellness is considered a privilege reserved for the upper class is an injustice.

I want to offer access to health to kids living in the toxic stress I’ve been lucky enough to recognize and treat for myself.

Thank you as always for reading and if you feel so moved, know you’re welcome to share your own stories as well.

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