I did a 7-day private photo tour with one gentleman starting in late June. This was one of the landscape photos we did during our private boat tour in Prince William Sound by landing on shore and making our way around the shoreline. Pretty spectacular place. This was shot on my Canon 5D Mark IV with a 24-105mm f4 L II lens. Shot at 40mm f/16 at 1/160th second ISO 100 on a tripod.

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  • bjstem
    Gorgeous πŸ’™ - 7 months ago
  • alaskaskids
    Wow! It’s beautiful but sad to see so many ice chunks! I remember when I could see it from the visitor center! - 7 months ago
  • yonidemulder
    Wonderful <3!!! thanks for sharing! - 7 months ago
  • mattrichwildpics
    Amazing shot πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ - 7 months ago
  • marchiorato_mattia
    I like it! - 7 months ago