Did you know that Rohnert Park DPS is one of two Public Safety Departments in the State of California? Yesterday crews from both our police and fire divisions attended POST Firearms training in Fairfield, CA. The men and women of Rohnert Park DPS train hard in both disciplines to provide the highest level of service to the citizens of Rohnert Park. .

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  • rohnertparkfirefighters
    @speakeasysamwell yes all members of RPDPS are Sworn Officers and can enforce laws. Although not often, the engines can conduct a traffic stop but often call a patrol unit to assist with the stop. - 22 days ago
  • speakeasysamwell
    Are fire engines able to write penal code citations and preform traffic stops in Rohnert park? - 24 days ago
  • lindalovrin
    That guy needs to tone up. - 26 days ago
  • rohnertparkfirefighters
    @jskeffphoto Carmel is two different Departments with the Fire side currently under contract with Monterey Fire - 26 days ago
  • thewhirl8
    Lot of ripple in the arm on recoil - 27 days ago
  • jskeffphoto
    I thought there was 3, RP, Sunnyvale and Carmel. No? - 27 days ago
  • boraii.inc
    😊 - 27 days ago