📌 O’Fallon Park Upper Loop| @evergreencolorado 🗻3.6 Miles round trip 🍺 @landlockedales Grenade Jumper New England Indian Pale Ale 7.5% ABV

Guys, we need to have a serious conversation. First off, it’s been way too hot here in the city for me to even remotely want to do anything outdoors. The only salvation I have is my early morning hikes from this heat. Thankfully this tail was simple and lightly traveled. Although today, I would have gladly have taken some more company due to bear 🐻activity in those parts recently.
However, even if a bear did come along, you can almost guarantee that where I would have cracked open that beer and offered the bear some, that we would have been instant best friends. Yes, the Grenade Jumper NE IPA is a tasty treat that has a flavor that has you begging for more. Not a very bitter after taste but certainly has a smooth finish and a hazy look to it that makes even Jimmy Hendricks Purple Haze look like Barney.
All in all I will be having this brew again in the future 7/10

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