The Cathedral, Hereford, Herefordshire.
Lady Chapel. Tomb of Peter de Grandisson d.1352. Although the cathedral has taken a battering in its time, it still has some remarkable tombs and fittings.

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  • matt.afc
    @plantagenetprincess Aww thanks Patti! I'm so glad you like my photos. I do feel lucky to live close to such history - 6 months ago
  • plantagenetprincess
    I would ADORE to go in there!!! My wish list destination is Staines church. My ancestors lie within. You're so lucky to live amongrst such history. You bring it to me in your posts. I'll never have words meaningful enough to thank you for that! - 6 months ago
  • susan.tattersall
    Must get there. This tomb looks splendid and I love his faithful hound. - 6 months ago
  • matt.afc
    @_strange.little.girl Thanks! - 6 months ago
  • _strange.little.girl
    Wonderful! - 6 months ago