🗣August 2017 vs July 2018. Patience and dedication. Unfortunately most people do have dark knuckles naturally; it doesn’t always have to be caused by bleaching alone as that’s a a lame mans conclusion 🤭, and when they do get lighter it becomes more pronounced as such was my case. They are 100s of reasons why one can have dark knuckles: hereditary, detergents, lack of moisturizing and so on ( do your research). •

I have been able to treat and maintain my hands solely with my knuckle kit. You can see the time frame. I always use my kit (except days I am lazy 😩) .

So are you still in doubt? 💁🏼‍♀️ order your knuckle kit today. Works excellently way for natural dark knuckles and also knuckles as a result to cream reaction. •

Price tag: 👉🏻 N7000 (kit)
👉🏻N2500 (cleanser).
To order;
WhatsApp only; 08168212562. (9am-8:80pm)
Calls only; 09074721370 (9am-7:00pm) only

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