For years I have desperately wanted to lose weight. I was convinced I could do this by counting calories alone. “It’s all about creating a calorie deficit” I’d tell myself. I frantically track my calories everyday and sometimes try to fast if I had indulged a little to much. 🍕🍞🍺Can I just say I suck at fasting? Blah! I feel miserable, can’t think, can’t focus, can’t work, can’t do anything! Props to those who can, but I cannot function without food. Even after I started this journey I still thought I knew better and held onto this belief with a kung fu grip. I feel like I have been on a “diet” for YEARS. Yuck, that’s misery right there.
What I need was to surrender the fact that what I was doing wasn’t working. My faith in the process needed to be stronger than my fear. When I (finally) let go, I allowed space for what I really needed to come to me. It’s not about forcing it, it’s about releasing and trusting that what’s meant to be will come to us. Hand it over, reap the benefits. Simple right?
What often happens it that regardless of our best intentions and hard work, we try to control our circumstances by using our self limiting beliefs and old patterns. We think that we need to try and take charge of the situation (fear based thinking) instead of having faith and gratitude that God will deliver (love based thinking). Doubt is resistance, faith is surrender. Worry is resistance, joy is surrender. Control is resistance, allowing is surrender. Ridicule is resistance, believing is surrender.

Don’t diet, LIVE YOUR LIFE. Enjoy eating again. If you’re ready to let go, message me.

Relax, breathe, surrender.

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