Old picture but the story is the same. That’s the third @shenandoahmountaintouring that @heathumel27 and I have ended up racing together. That tough bowling ball of a bike racer and I just see eye to eye and manage to work the rest of them off our tails. 4th/5th overall for the second year in a row.
Maybe we talked about a attempt on our way.

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  • bob.llo
    Absolute YES! in taking those breaks! Your time in Poland has been an Epic Tale! Fun to follow, inspiring, and gives all of us riders some insight into the mental ups and downs that are bound to happen. So what tires did you use and love the most? This is for my grandson who is in his fourth year of racing on the CAMBC junior team in Charlottesville, VA. Thanks for all your posts!!👍 - 6 months ago
  • carlos__grande
    @quadsworth I think u could rock it from Roanoke to dowthat and then... see what happens - 6 months ago
  • quadsworth
    @carlos__grande how about a pull and a half? - 6 months ago
  • pilgrim_fitness
    Looks like a nice Track! - 6 months ago
  • carlos__grande
    Just to stoke your fire. There is no way in hell youre doing it in one pull, even if there is someone put butter on your chamois every 20 miles #provemewrong - 6 months ago