Like. Follow. Share. Enjoy. Blog Post — In my CANspirational video for young people yesterday, I walked through the rain without an umbrella to reinforce the importance of knowing what we can control and what we can't.⠀

"People who live in the Land of Can stay dry not because it doesn't rain for them but because they bring an umbrella," I said. "You can't control if it rains. You can only control how you respond to the rain."⠀

When you have a food allergy, knowing what you can control is a big part of living your best life. It's a big part of finding the balance between safety and normalcy. ⠀

I can 99.99999 percent avoid having an allergic reaction today if I stay in my bedroom and only eat apples. But that isn't living. So I will venture out from my apartment this morning, and I will live, and I will indulge in foods that are not just red and round and grow on trees. And the second I make that decision to venture out, I need to make sure I am prepared.⠀

If I want to avoid getting wet while walking in the rain, I better check the weather forecast and bring an umbrella. If I want to avoid having a reaction while eating out or going about my day, I better be vigilant and double check ingredients and how the food is prepared. BUT even the best weather forecasts are wrong. So when the storm clouds open, if I happen to inadvertently eat something I'm allergic to, I better have my two Auvi-Qs with me. And I better be prepared to use them just in case. That I can control. ⠀

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