Achived So Much In Such Less Time At Such An Less Age!♥😍

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  • dileep9092
    ​​घर बैठे अपने मोबाइल से पैसे कमाए Play store में टाइप कीजिये "OneAD " और डावनलोड कीजिये
    फिर Register करने के बाद रेफर कोड P1TY3W डालिये तुरंत आप को 3.50रु मिलगे और इस एप्प को बस आप छहः लोगो को रेफर करके ज्वाइन करवाना है और उन 6×6 से भी करवाना है और बस 30 दिनों तक मोबाइल में रखना है और आप की इनकम महीन के लास्ट में 2000 रु आयगी और आप 10 लोगो को रेफर करते हो तो आप की इनकम 4000 रु हो जायगी और हर महीने पैसे बढ़ते जाएंगे एक बार विश्वास कर के देखें!!!
    Note- अगर आप ज्वाईन नही करवा सकते तो आपको पैसे नही मिलेगे इसलिए आप लोग ज्यादा से ज्यादा टीम बनाइऐ - 5 months ago
  • altruistic_boy1
    Great - 5 months ago
  • ankit_3.0
    @__anuj_bedke__ when did Rohit top tge ranking charts even in one format - 5 months ago
  • ankit_3.0
    @__anuj_bedke__ no one has ever reath no 1 place in all formats at the same time - 5 months ago
  • kohli2655
    Amazing😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 - 5 months ago
  • nittu_nittu76
    Wowww - 5 months ago
  • shajahan_shaikh
    Z - 5 months ago
  • anuj_suryawanshi_bedke
    @westandwithkohli18_ 👍😁but rohit is best - 5 months ago
  • viraj___1998
    He is the third batsman to achieved 1st rank in all three formats after Ricky ponting and Matthew hayden - 5 months ago
  • westandwithkohli18_
    @__anuj_bedke__ I didn't say he rank No.1 Currently. In All 3 Formats.. I said He Is The Only Batsman To Achieve 1st Rank As A Indian Batsman Atlest 1 Time In His Carrier... Don't You Simple English! What Shit You Are Commenting 😒 - 5 months ago
  • anuj_suryawanshi_bedke
    @ankit_3.0 i only say he not at time all 3format no.1 lol😁😁 - 5 months ago
  • ankit_3.0
    @__anuj_bedke__ read the third point - 5 months ago
  • anuj_suryawanshi_bedke
    @ankit_3.0 he say look in photo he say only one player in history and future one and only rohit sharma lol 😁 - 5 months ago
  • ankit_3.0
    @__anuj_bedke__ he didn't say he was ranked firts in all formats at the same time - 5 months ago
  • ankit_3.0
    @atulvk18 *west Indies included - 5 months ago
  • ankit_3.0
    @__anuj_bedke__ he is only the second batsman after ponting to have achieved 1st rank in all 3 formats - 5 months ago
  • mujtaba_ali_010
    Already surprised nhi already surpassed - 5 months ago
  • anuj_suryawanshi_bedke
    @iamkb5lol that's virat problem marriage any any no is 12 in rank now and he page admin said he is all 3formats no 1 lol fuck you😁 - 5 months ago
  • iamkb5
    @__anuj_bedke__ Yeah he was Ranked 1 in T20I for 13 fucking months but few months back due to his marriage and other personal issues Virat Kohli had played only 4 out of India's 11 T20I matches!!!!!! Please dude, have some cricketing knowledge before commenting anything shit, you douchebag!!! - 5 months ago
  • anuj_suryawanshi_bedke
    Lol he in t20 no.12 rank 😁LOL - 5 months ago
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