Post — Each Saturday, my parents and I have a brief but honest podcast discussion about the challenges of raising a child with an allergy. I’ve never really talked to my parents about the challenges they had raising me. I’m eager to find things out. Maybe their experiences might help someone else, too.⠀

This is a special week. This morning my parents picked me up from my internship in New York City. We then participated in a FARE ( @foodallergy ) Let's Connect conference in Cherry Hill, NJ, hosted by @safeandincluded ... On the way home, in the car through a driving rainstorm, we recorded this week's short podcast. ⠀

I'll be posting much more about the event in the next few weeks. It was awesome to meet everyone, like Anesha Santhanam of Likeable Stem and @jaime_gialloreto of @dontgetnutty , @missamericanj
Podcast in bio. ⠀

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