Here is a little peek into my life on Mondays and Tuesdays. I love watching Theo and Ollie together. They seriously are so much fun and they both play so well together. Ollie follows Theo around like a shadow and it is adorable. I have been so fortunate to spend so much time with them and watch Ollie grow up every single day.
What is on my mind today is giving credit to the momma's out there. I know I work hard and I get such positive feedback from other people about being a great dad and they see how much I try. The sad reality is that there seems to be quite a difference in expectation of parenting in our society. To be a good dad to many people just means being present and being a part of a child's life. I feel bad for a lot of moms out there who are kicking butt trying their hardest and still are not given the credit they deserve because they are "expected" to work hard. So this is my thank you to all the moms out there that feel underappreciated even though you are rockstars. Who feel that they do their best but still need help. (Because we all do!) I also want to hopefully get the idea across that we should look at parents through equal scopes. A man shouldn't be praised for just being present and we shouldn't expect more from women because of what is a societal norm. So thank you to all the Moms out there that are amazing and all the dads out there who are doing their part too. Just work together as a team and help out with everything you can because your lives will work so much better if you both chip in and help with chores that need to get done.

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