Moose are quite abundant here in Alaska. This was one of those Serendipitous —F8-and Be There — kind of moments. My private client and I were driving heading to a late-night landscape area. We came over a rise and there, in the shade on the left side of the road was a cow moose. I slowed down as a precaution and sure enough the cow turned to cross in front of us. And out from the brush behind her pops her young calf. They crossed the road in front of us and into this nice late sunshine. I eased my truck to the side of the road and put on my flashers, rolled down the passenger side window. My client, having his cameras at the ready on the front seat, was able to shoot this right from his seat. I leaned over and shot a couple frames over his shoulder. They stayed in this light for 5 or more minutes—every once in a while posing alert with their heads up as traffic would come by. This was made using my my Canon 5D Mark IV with a 24-105mm f4 L II lens. Shot at 105mm f/5.6 at 1/200th second ISO 500 handheld.

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  • utemom72
    What a precious shot! I love these guys! ❤ - 5 months ago