I want to give to a magical moment in my life and my son’s life. I am a with three kids! My children and I went on vacation and it was our first time on a plane in years. Additionally, my son is different & receives a lot of . It was hard to gage how my son would be on a plane, far from home, away from his structured environment, and how he would respond. Many people told me, “Don’t do it, wait until the kids are older to vacation,” “you’re a single mom you should wait and go with help,” 😑 “you should leave your son at home, he’s too little, he has a lot going on...” I heard so much and I was very to travel with my kids &our travel was , difficult, , and every on the spectrum. I each one of my children took turns , , and beating me down (looking back, on a note they weren’t ALL crying at the same time). On the last day of our trip I cried and cried and cried from all the of doing , such as food, drinks, backpacks, stroller, packing, prepping for our days, the heat, the humidity, the random rain storms, the constant bickering, the pain of being a , nonetheless a single mom. However, my tears became tears of when this went out of his way and helped my son out of his tantrum (the tantrums are very extreme and scary) by spending extra time playing, dancing, and focusing on my son. I shared that my son is and apologized for my son’s behavior. I was greeted with so much and . This cast member surprised my son with a stuffed animal. I cried for , I cried for all the in my life, the women in the , for all the moms that figure shit out everyday for their children, I cried for myself, because life is not easy and I took it head on. I cried for the I have made from a mother of two to a mother of three, from a regular parent to a parent with a child with , I cried because I need to cry. I cried because I am enough to cry in front of my children and strangers. I cried because there is kindness in the world!

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  • happyfurbabies4ever
    🙈😍🙌 - 4 months ago
  • morethanlauren
    @ngoncat thanks girl!!! - 5 months ago
  • ngoncat
    High five to you!!! It was very brave of you to go out of your comfort zone. You are not only amazing but a super mom !!! 😁It is very sad to say not a lot of parents would willing to take that risk, the fact that you did is wonderful!!! The kids are very blessed to have you as a role model. - 5 months ago
  • nvme19
    👍you will get through it...be positive 🤗 - 5 months ago
  • morethanlauren
    @jusswunkorean thank you 😊 - 5 months ago
  • jusswunkorean
    Hang in there buddy everything happens for a reason. The answer may not be right in front of you now, but you'll figure it out just like you did the Navy. As long as you know your trying your best to provide for your kids that is all that matters. Keep your head up. - 5 months ago
  • morethanlauren
    @candidalovesanthony thank you ❤️ - 5 months ago
  • candidalovesanthony
    Sending you a huge hug mama. You’re amazing! - 5 months ago
  • morethanlauren
    @mg_510 ❤️❤️❤️ - 5 months ago
  • morethanlauren
    @biavi thank you so much. ❤️ - 5 months ago
  • mg_510
    Cried reading this!! YOU ARE AN AMAZING PERSON, WOMAN and MAMI!! - 5 months ago
  • biavi
    You are a super mom! Many can be called “moms,” but can’t wear that title like you do. Not many people understand what it is to have a baby who is a bit different, for this cast member to take his time to make your son better, deserves lots of recognition. I truly admire you as a MOM! Things will get better ♥️♥️♥️ - 5 months ago
  • morethanlauren
    @vosaeroplane awe wish I knew. But next time!!! - 5 months ago
  • vosaeroplane
    How awesome!!! Make sure on the way home you ask the crew to let your son take a pic with the pilots or in the seat at least. Not very many know that we can do that. Go visit the flight deck! - 5 months ago