“I’m a beautiful wreck, a colourful mess, but I’m funny... all the pretty girls in the world but I’m in this space with you.” 🌈 Sometimes people can’t always do your version of their best, but they show up. Please start giving credit to people who are trying. Please stop making people feel like burdens for not having their shit fully together (are you perfect?)😒. Please enjoy, appreciate, and love who’s in our space and company, even if they’re “a beautiful wreck”, 🌞 they showed up for you, don’t dismiss them because they didn’t show up how YOU wanted them to. Everyone’s truth is different, but I am no more or less than you, and visa versa - so let’s all stop pretending we have it all together all the time and whoever doesn’t is beneath us. I ask you to honor where you are both in your journey AND others - and realize that everyone could use and needs TLC. Just try to love more. Try. ❤️ The challenge I, @kayla_richards_locke , @skclay86 , and @thepetiteyogi_ are hosting can be a great place to start, honestly. Join us for 🌸AsanasForGrowth🌸 Aug 25-30. Let’s heal and love and look deep into ourselves, together🙏🏼

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  • martha.voulgari
    Love how colorful your pictures are!! Like a rainbow 🌈 😊 - 12 days ago
  • valeyoga_
    I LOVE your hair 💖💖💖 - 17 days ago
  • divinegoddessyoga
    Absolutely gorgeous! ❤️ - 17 days ago
  • bethanmaye
    You are a lushness entanglement of dna 💞 - 18 days ago
  • lara_okeefe
    Love this message ❤️ - 21 days ago
  • gardenyogamom
    I love your page! 💗🦄 - 22 days ago
  • linolderoien
    So wise words and beautiful pictures❤️🤗🙏🏼 - 25 days ago
  • kaitjakeyoga
    Beautiful photo🌸 - 28 days ago
  • m.34ozki_yoga
    🙏 💐 - 29 days ago
  • infinichiyoga
    Yess!! :) - 29 days ago
  • flora.bertrand
    Beautiful! ❤️❤️ - 29 days ago
  • flora.bertrand
    Beautiful! ❤️❤️ - 29 days ago
  • barefootyogi_
    Your hair!! & lovely tattoos!! 😍😍😍 - 29 days ago
  • insta_yogini
    Your hair I love it 😍😍😘🙏 - 30 days ago
  • azures.positive
    What a beautiful thing to let go of what you expect others to be and just love them in whatever crazy state they’re residing. It’s so freeing and just feels good🙏 - 1 month ago
  • roxy_the_traveling_yogi
    You look so serene and beautiful 😍😍❤️ - 1 month ago
  • bohemianbeauty_13
    You are stunning ✨ - 1 month ago
  • yoga_yerii
    Beautiful - 1 month ago
  • kb_yogifit
    You are such a beautiful soul 💛💛💛 - 1 month ago
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