Please help save baby Cloud 🙏🏼 @pitties3
TO BE DESTROYED 8/17/2018💔
Hello, my name is CLOUD 🌺
My animal id is
I am a female fawn dog at the Animal Care Center. The shelter thinks I am about old. on 11-Aug-2018 - OWNER’S HEALTH (Stroke) 💔
AT RISK - She is FEARFUL in ACC, of both UNFAMILIAR people, surroundings, objects and other DOGS. .
Client (Finder) stated that his aunt, who is also the OWNER of Cloud recently HAD A STROKE/coma and is no longer able to care for her 💔. Recent vet is unknown. Cloud has no known medical concerns. Cloud would GROWL and BITE on THE LEASH when finder came to bring Cloud to BxACC.
INTAKE - Cloud immediately dropped to the floor when she arrived and was DROOLING from the mouth. Cloud had a body and a counselor had to pick him/her up to be placed in a kennel. Collaring and a photo was not done.
SAFER Summary:: Cloud is difficult to remove from her kennel, the LEASH and SNAPPING AT IT. Once out of the kennel, she INTERACTION from people, laying flat on the floor and when people get to close 😰. When the assessor approached her, she growled, so a handling assessment was not conducted.
PLAYGROUP Summary (1):: 8/14: Cloud is unable to be collared for off leash introduction. When introduced on leash, she appears highly , though at times does forward in attempts to SNIFF . ***CONSIDER , ALL expenses paid for. 🙏🏻EMAIL helpdogs@urgentpodr.org if you're local to NY/NE USA & can / THIS pet. @ladybug3140 @loveyourfwends @rescuecatnetwork @_fourgoodpups_ @nycscr @rescuedogsrocknyc @fortheanimals66 @reposting.animals_help @pawsitivepawsrescues @shelter.tales @belinda_vegan @laadopt @rescue.dogs @pawsworldwide @saveanimalsfr @savingallanimals @californiacityanimalshelter @saveanimalsfr @californiahuskyrescuenetwork

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