Week 5 workouts are done!!⁣ Excuse my crazy post workout hair!

This program is flying by...I can’t believe it’s been 5 weeks already (might be the treat day making it seem shorter!). I’m feeling stronger. I’m feeling more like a fit person 💪🏼 I love that I get to do these programs with my fit tribe, and they are seeing results too!! You know it’s good when people want to do the program a second time halfway through the first 😂⁣

Most of all, I love how liveable this program is. Fit 4 workouts in YOUR schedule a week. Maybe that means two weekend days and two weekdays. Maybe that’s the off days from your 12 hour shifts. Maybe they’re all during the week. Take a treat day. Maybe that’s your kid’s birthday, maybe it’s mom’s night out, maybe it’s date night. Eat clean foods in normal portions the rest of the time. Don’t know what that means for you? We got you! ⁣

And breathe. Enjoy life. Enjoy your family. Smile lots 😁 ⁣

Any of this sound awesome to you? Because it was just what I needed 💕⁣

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