In 2012, Icelandair operated the largest scheduled and largest fleet in its 75-year history, spanning 22 destinations between North America and Europe, and it did it all with Boeing 757's. They were also the first airline to offer scheduled trans-Atlantic flights on the 757. The single-type fleet offered significant cost-savings when you consider maintenance and training for all crews, ground and air. In addition, the airline's cargo network also operated four Boeing 757's. At the end of 2012, Icelandair was working on a refleeting project. The 757 dilemma that Icelandair was dealing with, was similar to what US carriers were facing for replacing their own 757s. Replacing them on domestic or short-to-medium international routes with the 737Max and A320NEO was doable, but not on long-haul trans-Atlantic routes. There wasn't, and many argue today that there still isn't, a one-for-one replacement for the Boeing 757 that we all love.

Today, Icelandair still operates a significant number of 757s. 26 Boeing 757-200s and two Boeing 757-300s. In addition, they've ordered a mix of 16 Boeing 737 Max 8 and Max 9, and have four Boeing 767-300ER's. There is also a single Boeing 787-8 order on the books.

This is TF-FIS, "Grímsvötn", a 1994-model 757-200 sitting on the ramp at DFW last month.

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