(2016) a less-tatted, longer-haired, septum-pierced version of me clearly over the bullshit story I was telling myself: finish school even though I hate it and know I’m not going to pursue that path post-grad, don’t quit my mentally draining job because it’ll be hard to find another. I quit my job and left school a few months later and haven’t regretted it once. I found another job and created more space to pursue whatever the hell I wanted.
If there’s one thing I did take away from the classroom, it’s that wellness is multi-dimensional.
It’s your school/work/home environment and the way you contribute to that environment.
It’s your financial habits, nutrition and exercise habits.
It’s your relationship with yourself and the relationships you allow in your life.
It’s your ability to know deep down when you’re lacking (or being drained) in any of these areas, and to act on it.
You and only you can cultivate a life well-lived.

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