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Omg imagine one day Stormi taking over Kylie Cosmetics😯 @kyliejenner @kyliecosmetics
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  • kikibugg
    🖤 - 3 months ago
  • akemitrabell
    I hear ya Tidly Winks. My dad had a motel on the beach at Lauderdale by the Sea. I wish that he had kept it and raised my brothers and in to run it. Could you imagine living right on the beach all your life? Lol well that was a dumb question, ha! No but really your goal is a great one and I truly hope she jumps on the band wagon and walks in your footsteps! 💕 - 3 months ago
  • spicyxquesadilla
    @_cheetahx Some business be planning before their kids are born lhh - 4 months ago
  • mgenesis069
    Cotten candy! Stormi Weber Cosmetics - 4 months ago
  • mgenesis069
    Make A stormi Weber cosmetic or lip stick - 4 months ago
  • j___o___k___e___r___97
    💞💖😍😘💞💖😍😘💞💖😍😘💞💖😍😘💞💖😍😘💞😍💞😘😍💖💞😘😍💖💞😘😍💖💞😘😍💖💞😘😍💖💞😘😍💖💞😘😍💖💞😘😍💖💞😘😍💖💞😍😘💞💖😍😘💞💖😍😘💞💖😍💞😘😍😘💖😍💞😘💖💞😍💖😘😍💞😘💖😍💞😘💖😍💞😘💖😍💞😘💖😍💞😘 - 4 months ago
  • yallmadasf888
    Aawwwwww - 4 months ago
  • elexusn02
    @_cheetahx you implied it - 4 months ago
  • _cheetahx
    @danielebond did I said it’s wrong? - 4 months ago
  • lisamoniquedesigns
    ❤❤❤ - 4 months ago
  • elexusn02
    @_cheetahx what it's wrong to talk about your child future - 4 months ago
  • customwigsbyshakeira
    💕 - 4 months ago
  • tumblrshoox
    @putherine you sound like you mad .... you didn’t come up with that . I don’t see your name written all over it . It’s not really stealing if she didn’t know you have the same one . Please your brain . 😘 - 4 months ago
  • putherine
    @xmilkyxhoney if you know what a is brain then you should use it rn and actually read and process what i just said ^. that’s the video i made and it’s not a remake sis i’m never hurt over a remake but they stole my vid and put my watermark on it so- - 4 months ago
  • tumblrshoox
    @putherine there’s something called a brain . And maybe it was unexpected. Just because someone make the same thing as yours means they are copying . They just same the same idea as you. They don’t need to give you credit. So idk why you’re hurt ? Be glad she actually give you credit . 😁 - 4 months ago
  • putherine
    @elena_doars then don’t comment on something useless without even knowing what you’re talking about sister 🤩 - 4 months ago
  • elena_davinas
    @putherine why would I waste my time for something so useless sister 💕 - 4 months ago
  • putherine
    @elena_doars then check before you reach sister 🤩 - 4 months ago
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