You know what else can change your body at a super young age... 不不不 (via @enews )

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  • nysaaresco
    Bruh she had surgery dont act stupid - 7 days ago
  • bushra946
    Pregnancy changed MY body at 18 and i have checkin wings arms and bigger waist and 20kg fat now im working out every day trying to lose that without hating myself or my body. While she gave birth and her body still the same!!! And if it didnt one of her millions will help - 8 days ago
  • april.dawn.940
    You can throw all the money in the world at a surgeon to temporarily fix your face and body, but that mind will always be fucked Up! That entire family is bat shit crazy! - 8 days ago
  • april.dawn.940
    - 8 days ago
  • _liliane_ramos
    ''But I really don't care'' YEAH, BECAUSE THE MRS. PLASTIC IS COMMING!!! - 8 days ago
  • amal_abdelah
    丹潑儭 - 8 days ago
  • tacofide
    @sanabreazii yeah - 8 days ago
  • paris_brunettee
    No surgery did at a young age - 8 days ago
  • darren.mcpherson
    comments full of hate come from people full of hate - 8 days ago
  • _goldenash
    How. Its not like she breastfeeds. Everything goes back to normal when your her age - 9 days ago
  • safeafricasecurity
    Bullshit @kyliejenner - 9 days ago
  • chelseatrs
    Girl please - 9 days ago
  • ginamendes265
    Most women's body changes after pregnancy. You're happen before pregnancy 賅 - 9 days ago
  • barthvader
    @danibvance - 9 days ago
  • tracy.velez
    I'd like to thank my chef, trainer and most of all my plastic surgeon lol - 9 days ago
  • sweeetsirens
    @girlfromorlando it kinda is. Being 20 and having a kid. Thats a huge burden on someone so young. Im in my mid twenties and cant imagine having a kid. Shes rich so its not a huge deal. - 9 days ago
  • genesis_uriza
    Surgery - 9 days ago
  • kalifeer
    @ndbeyondd real JAJAJAJAJAJA - 9 days ago
  • ndbeyondd
    @kalifeer porq me puedo operar de lo q me de la gana - 9 days ago
  • aprilgshowers
    Remember people your not ugly just poor - 9 days ago
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